What have in common the water s of the seven seas?

One of the many possible answers is Manuel Barros.
This Merchant Marine Captain and Fishing Master started his career as Officer in a multinational Spanish company in the 70's.

In early 80's and after an outstanding work being in front of the Company's ships, Barros is designated as General Manager of a branch in Uruguay.
Without fearing the challenge he moves to Rio de la Plata and successfully manages to position the Port of Montevideo as the operational base for the fleets of the Company in the South Atlantic.

In few years he succeeds in having 90% of the fishing companies that had their ships on this waters to choose the Port of Montevideo for their commercial intentions.

In mid of the 90's Barros takes on his own challenge.
Barros Agencia Marítima was born in 1995, and has more than thirty years of experience on high seas and in business life brought into it. It is based on responsibility, knowledge, drive and the constant work that Manuel Barros inspires in all his staff.


In Barros Agencia Marítima we unified the services of the port in order to aiming better quality with the most competitive costs.

We established strategic alliances with outstanding suppliersin order to offer a standard in our services. In this way, Barros Agencia Marítima can cover the operation from the beginning to the end, guaranteeing real results.

Counting on the professionalism and the warmness of our staff, we engage ourselves in all the details of the port process, from the documentation to the supervision of the operations.

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